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Glass of watermelon with king prawns and Levantina sauce
Servings:For 2 servings
Glass of watermelon with king prawns and Levantina sauce
1 kg watermelon
20 prawns
4 leaves lollo-rosso lettuce
1 long lettuce
Olive oil
1 cup mayonnaise
50 g toasted hazelnuts
50 g caviar
1 small lemon
Make watermelon balls with a special spoon and leave in the fridge. Boil the king prawns in plenty of salted water for 1 minute, cool with water and ice, peel and leave aside. Wash and dry the lollo-rosso leaves and reserve. Wash and drain the the long lettuce, cut into fine julienne and mix with the watermelon balls, season with salt and pepper and olive oil, mix and reserve. Mix the mayonnaise with the caviar in a bowl and halve the chopped hazelnuts, add the lemon juice. Reserve. Place the lollo-rosso leaves on one end of the glass, fill the centre with the watermelon balls and julienne the lettuce, place the king prawns on top and cover with the Levantina sauce. Decorate with the rest of the hazelnuts and king prawn heads and serve very cold.

Author:Joan Fradera Vila - Escola dHosteleria de Catalunya (Barcelona)

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