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Watermelon crepes
Servings:For 10 servings
Watermelon crepes
For the crepes

1/4 l milk
25 g better
1 tablespoon liquor
1/2 lemon rind
2 eggs
100 g flour
20 g sugar

For the filling

2 kg watermelon pulp
1/2 kg whipped cream with sugar
3 tablespoons red Grand Marnier

For the chocolate sauce

1/2 kg fondant chocolate
1/2 l liquid cream
1 dl black rhum

For the English cream

1 l milk
100 g sugar
8 egg yolks
For the crepes mix all the ingredients except the butter. Sieve. Add the melted butter. Heat a frying-pan greased with butter and spread a little dough. Let it brown and turn over with a spatula. Sprinkle a dish with icing sugar and keep the crepes in it.

With a special spoon make balls with the watermelon pulp, macerate with the liqueur for 3 hours, then add the cream and fill the crepes making cylinder shapes. Keep a little cream.

Boil the liquid cream in a pan, remove from heat, add pieces of chocolate and melt, pour in the rhum and reserve.

Prepare the cream, mixing the yolks with the sugar, add the hot milk, stirring with the whisk, lower the heat and keep stirring until thick.

Strain through a colander into another cold container and reserve. Place a stuffed crepe in the centre of each plate, cover 50% with hot chocolate and 50% English cream. Decorate with 2 cream roses and some strips of watermelon.

Author:Luís Javier Rodríguez Robles - Restaurante El Pescador (Laredo)

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