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Cod fillets with fried wild asparagus tips
Servings:For 6 servings
Cod fillets with fried wild asparagus tips
1 bunch asparagus from Huétor-Tájar
6 cod fillets of 150 g each
1 hot chili pepper
3 garlic
Virgin olive oil
1/2 l vizcaína sauce
Cut and season the asparagus tips and fry. Once the cod fillets are trimmed fry the hot chili peppers and the garlics in an earthenware casserole and remove when fried. Add the cod fillets in the same oil at low temperature. Once the fillets are ready, remove and make a pil-pil sauce to garnish the cod. Finally, place the cod fillets and the asparagus tips on a bed of vizcaína sauce and season with the pil-pil sauce.

Author:José Pedraza Velázquez

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