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Wild asparagus pudding with pearl onion
Servings:For 6 servings
Wild asparagus pudding with pearl onion
1 kg tender asparagus from Huétor-Tájar, blanched
100 g pearl onions, blanched
2 finely minced onion
300 g melted butter
1/2 l single cream
6 eggs
White pepper
Ground nutmeg
Firstly, put the butter in a shallow pan, then add the minced onion, the asparagus from Huétor-Tájar, and the pearl onions, minced and blanched, and simmer. Then stir in the single cream and the seasoning, and allow to boil down. Add the eggs and mix with a blender. Grease the moulds with butter, pour in the mixture and leave to bake in the oven au bain marie for about 45 minutes, at 95ºC. Reserve in the fridge, remove from the mould and decorate. Serve always with a soft vegetable cream.

Author:José María Atienza Galán

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