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Black currant, Ribes nigrum / Saxifragaceae (Grossulariaceae)
Benefits for the health
Blackcurrants deserves a special mention due to their high content of vitamin C, that satisfies to a great extent the recommended daily consumption. A daily consumption of 160 mg of vitamin C helps to reduce the incidence of cancer. The dark pigmentation of blackcurrants is due to the presence of lutein carotenoids, alpha and beta carotene. Carotenoids offer protection against heart diseases and different types of cancer, like lung and prostate cancer. Cancer can also be inhibited by the quercetin flavonoid, occurring in blackcurrants.
Popular tradition
Blackcurrants contain some properties which are similar to blueberries, having an opposite action to the loss of vision and used in pharmaceutical specialities intended for the alterations of the retina.

Berries have pectins and mucilages consumed in juices diluted in water with a laxative, purifying and diuretic effect. The pulp applied on burned skin is used as a treatment.

The currant’s leaves are highly rich in tannin and used to prepare anti-diarrhoeic and diuretic infusions. The leaves also exert an important anti-inflammatory action on arthrosis and rheumatism in general, free from the gastric disadvantages of traditional medicine. Thus, the anti-inflammatory effect, along with the diuretic action and the capacity to remove the organism’s remainders, enables it to be recommended in case of gout.
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