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Swedish turnip, Brassica napus var. Napobrassica / Cruciferae (Brassicaceae)
Benefits for the health
Swedish turnip is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It is a bulbous root swollen up by storage, like turnips, and therefore it contains a small amount of sugars and a large quantity of fibre. Research shows that the consumption of fibre helps to protect against a series of disorders in the alimentary canal, including intestine cancer. Among the vitamins found in this vegetable there are vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C and folic acid. Vitamins are essential organic substances for health, growth, reproduction and the maintenance of the body tissues. Vitamins must be included in the diet, since they cannot be synthesized or stored in the body in sufficient amounts. Each vitamin has a specific function, and it is for that reason that a vitamin cannot be replace by another one. Potassium takes part in the development of the cardiovascular functions and the blood pressure. Magnesium is also found in Swedish turnips. It is found in the bones and in many enzymes. At the same time, it takes part in several regulating functions that maintain the electric potential of nervous and muscular membranes and stimulate the synthesis of proteins. Iron is fundamental in the synthesis of haemoglobin and myoglobin.
Popular tradition
The Swedish turnip is highly rich in some given vitamins of the B complex like vitamin B6 (important for the daily protein biosynthesis), biotin (for a healthy skin and hair), niacin (a necessary B3 vitamin for the energy metabolism) and pantothenic acid (a B5 vitamin, essential for vitality, cell energy and the cutaneous and hair pigmentation). The concentration of vitamin C is very high, in such a way that a Swedish turnip of 120 g provides with the daily need of this vitamin, which is in charge of maintaining a suitable hormonal level and a strong immune system.

Swedish turnip offers a great combination of minerals. The proportions of iron (necessary for haematopoiesis and the supply of oxygen to the cells), magnesium (essential for the muscular activity and the cardiac functioning) and manganese (for a good mood and the capacity to withstand stress) are essential. Like all the varieties of cabbage, Swedish turnips have a great amount of potassium, crucial for the balance of our diet. Sodium favours water accumulation in the organism, whereas potassium stimulates its elimination.

To sum up, Swedish turnips increase the cell’s metabolism and haematopoiesis, they strengthen the hair and the skin, they supply as great quantity of energy and vitality, they fortify the immune system and they prevent infections, improve the intellectual performance and the capacity of concentration, stimulate the oxygen supply and cell respiration, fortify the heart, improve the mood and help to bear stress; they help in the elimination of liquids and to loose weight.
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