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Servings:For 4 servings
2 endives
200 g cod, desalted and shredded
150 g tuna, desalted and shredded
18 achovie fillets
olives (arbequines and black)

For the \"romesco\" sauce

4 cloves garlic
35 almonds, toasted
12 hazelnuts, toasted
8 dried red pepper
bread, soaked in vinegar
olive oil
In a mortar, mince the garlic with a pinch of salt. Once minced, add the almonds and hazelnuts and crush until the mixture looks homogeneous. Cook the dried peppers. Once cooked, scrape off the flesh and fold together with the mixture. Add the drained bread and continue to blend. Once the mixture is consistent, carefully add oil, stirring slowly. Wash and well drain the endive and place it in a tray. Pour in the romesco sauce and toss to combine well. Serve together with pieces of tuna, cod, anchovies and olives. Romesco sauce can be used in a wide array of meat, fish, or vegetable dishes.
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