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Red Cabbage, Brassica oleracea var. rubra / Cruciferae (Brassicaceae)
Benefits for the health
Red cabbages are cultivated, cooked and eaten as green cabbages. The main difference is that red cabbages contain pigments of anthocyan responsible for the coloration that disappear during the baking, although they stay are maintained quite well in preserve. It contains vitamin C and it is a good source of fibre. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects against several types of cancer and intensifies the immunological functions. Research shows that fibre consumption helps to protect against a set of disorders of the alimentary canal, including intestine cancer. Among the many smaller components occurring in fruit and vegetables we find the flavonoids, which, in a varied diet, may protection against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Popular tradition
The red cabbage is one of the vegetable varieties with greater content of selenium, which reduces the arterial pressure, supplies oxygen to the muscular tissue, produces antibodies, decontaminates from heavy metals, prevents sterility and activates the thyroids. The red cabbage is pectoral and it is recommended to treat tuberculosis and pleurisy.

In spring it is possible to make detoxifying treatments with cabbage. Cabbages are one of the best remedies against nervous excitation and insomnia. Its consumption is recommended to stressed people, those who must take an examination, depressed people, neurasthenic and those suffering from fatigue.

Red cabbages decontaminate the intestine and relieve constipation, render a fast regeneration to the deteriorated intestinal mucous, fortify the immune system, reduce the arterial pressure, favour the elimination of fluids and help to loose weight, favour the formation of sperm, provide with nutrients for the libido and the sexual capacity, activate the thyroid gland and protects the thymus, they strengthen the cellular energy, they activate the cellular growth and therefore they have a rejuvenating effect, they provide with nutrients to improve the mood, contribute to the formation of new connective tissues and they have a revitalising effect on the brain.
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