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Chard, Beta vulgaris var. cycla / Chenopodiaceae
Maroto classifies chard varieties according to the culture cycle to which they are better adapted.

a) Varieties of spring-summer production

"Green for cutting"
"Green of narrow white stalk’
"Green of white stalk Bressanne race: Pale green-yellow colour. Large leaves. The limb’s bun-shape is extremely waved. Extremely white-coloured petiole and up to 15 cm long stalk.
"Green of white stalk Ampuis race",
’Green of white stalk Paris race’
"Yellow from Lyon": Of green-yellow colour. Large leaves. It has much bun-shape, white petiole. 10 cm wide stalk.
"Yellow for cutting"
"White Silver"

b) Varieties of autumn-winter production

"Green of wide white stalk
"Green of white stalk Niza race’: Extremely pale green-yellow limb. Large leaves. Waved, bun-shaped limb. Pure white petiole and up to 10 cm wide stalk.
"Giant Fordhook": Extremely pale green-yellow limb. Large leaves. Quite waved abu6nolado of the limb. Pure white-coloured petiole and stalk of 10 cm wide.
"Paros": Dark green colour and large leaves. Slightly bun-shaped leaves on the limb. White colour petiole and wide stalk.
"Yellow from Lyon Dorat"
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