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White cabbage, Brassica oleracea convar. capitata var. alba / Cruciferae (Brassicaceae)
White cabbage
The traditional cabbage varieties are replaced by new hybrid varieties. These are more productive and resistant to given diseases. Moreover, they have better characteristics (tighter hearts, better taste...). They are classified according to the period of harvesting. In this sense we can talk about spring/summer varieties autumn/winter varieties. In general the latter are resistant to cold conditions, whereas the former offer better resistance to heat.

Among the varieties that are harvested in spring/summer we find " Durham Early", " Avon Crest", " April" and " Greyhound".

Durham Early is a popular variety, that bears dark green hearts of conical shape. The heads are of average size and it is an early variety.

The variety Avon Crest is similar the previous one in earliness, with larger hearts, although of the same colour and shape.

April is an early variety that bears compact hearts, of conical shape, although with some external leaves.

The variety Greyhound bears pointed and compact hearts of fast maturation.

Among the autumn/winter varieties we find "Celtic", "Christmas Drumhead", and "Jupiter", among others.

The Celtic variety is an hybrid. It bears bluish and green spherical hearts. It is highly resistant to the wind and it lasts for several months without breaking.

Christmas Drumhead: this variety has an earlier production than the previous one. It is a dwarf variety of bluish green colour. It can be harvested at the beginning of autumn.

The Jupiter variety is a hybrid whose external part is of dark green colour and of whitish colour inside.

The different varieties of cabbage present different characteristics of colour, shape, texture, keeping quality, etc. The head’s shape can be spherical, flattened, convex or pointed.
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