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Apple, Malus domestica / Rosaceae
Apples are packaged in all types of packages to reach the consumer. Meshes with handles that make the product very easy to carry, with a plastic string where all the characteristics of the produce are explained. Plastic bags are one of the most economic and common ways to take apples home. These packages usually contain more than a kilogram; for smaller amounts, they use cardboard, plastic or expanded polystyrene trays - the common white trays, but that may also be presented in other colours -, wrapped in stretchable plastic film or packaged horizontally (flow-pack).

In these small packages it is quite usual to mix different varieties or even various types of fruit (apples with bananas and citruses, for example), to take care of the needs of a small family, giving an option to diversity.

When apples are not pre-packaged, the point of sale receives apples in packages of 7 to 20 kg; in the section on " Availability’ there is a table with several examples.

Fresh apples are also part of fruit salads that are sold already prepared; in the United States apple pieces are marketed in small bags for children to take to school or, in general, consumed as a snack. These pieces can even be sold with chocolate sauce, raspberry, etc.
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