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Grapefruit, Citrus paradisi / Rutaceae
The most usual way to find grapefruits in the market is in meshes of 1 or 2 kg, or in expanded polystyrene trays with 6 or 8 units.

The bulk sale is also very common, by pieces, some of them individually labelled.

We can find grapefruits in several packages. The prepackaged units of sale that are usually found in supermarkets, stores, etc., are usually bags or meshes with 1 or 2 kg capacity.

It is less frequent to find grapefruits in the counters of the fruit section, in trays for free service, like other citrus such as oranges or mandarins.

In many shopping centres, in order to save space in the consumer’s pantries and to make the sale more attractive, grapefruits are displayed in 2 or 4 units trays of expanded polystyrene covered with plastic film.
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