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Grapefruit, Citrus paradisi / Rutaceae
The varieties are divided in two groups: the white ones, within which we find the most well-known variety, ‘Marsh seedless", and the coloured varieties, such as " Ruby" or " Star Ruby".

We can divide the varieties in two groups, the white or common varieties, such as "Marsh seedless" and "Duncan" and the coloured or pigmented varieties, whose popularity is increasing. Within this group stand out ‘Ruby", and "Star Ruby".

Many white varieties have been identified but " Marsh seedless" is the one with a greater commercial importance. The pigmented varieties have a pigment called licopene that gives them their characteristic colour. They are differentiated from oranges in the fact that their colour is given by the anthocyanins. Moreover, during the period of grapefruit maturation, the temperatures are high and favour the appearance of the licopene. This does not happen in autumn and winter, when oranges ripen.

Some grapefruit varieties are:

"Marsh seedless"
The pulp of this fruit has small vesicles and the pulp has a clear colour appearance. The skin is thicker than the rest of varieties, the juice content is high, sweet, although somehow acid in the beginning of the harvesting.
The fruits are seedless and their weight is around 260 g. If they are degreened in chambers, they lose their aroma but still stay acid.

Quite big fruit, flattened in the poles. The pulp is tender and juicy. This variety is mainly intended for the juice industry.

Its name is due to the pink colour of its skin and pulp. It is a seedless fruit. It is the reference variety for those consumers who prefer the coloured grapefruits.

"Star Ruby"
It is the most intense coloured grapefruit. Seedless, with a very thin skin and high juice content, sweeter flavour and less bitter than the Marsh variety.
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