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Kiwi, Actinidia chinensis / Actinidiaceae
The package used for kiwi transport is usually cardboard with alveoli covered with plastic. For their marketing, the packages used are baskets covered with mesh...

The chiefly used packing at present is the telescopic cardboard box in which the fruit is arranged in layers, in a variable number of alveoli according to the size of the kiwis. Besides, a sheet of polyethylene is used to wrap the alveolar containers and the fruit. The function of this plastic wrapping is to protect the fruit from dehydration, to guarantee a more uniform maturation and a longer preservation when they are displayed for sale.

Some modern packaging incorporates elements of merchandising (ZESPRI) such as trays resembling eggcups of 4 units, packages with a yellow kiwi and a green kiwi with a special spoon to eat it, baskets covered with mesh and meshes with plastic strings with text, containing one kilo of fruit.
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