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Kiwi, Actinidia chinensis / Actinidiaceae
Benefits for the health
Diverse scientific investigations indicate that the kiwi is an outstanding source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytochemicals. The kiwi fruit has an exceptionally high concentration of vitamin C. A medium-sized fruit provides approximately with 90 mg of vitamin C, which fully surpasses the recommended daily consumption recommended of approximately 60 mg.. Any diet rich in vitamin C helps to prevent stomach cancer, among others, thanks to the vitamin’s antioxidant capacity. Carotenoids and other phytochemicals also provide with antioxidant benefits. More recently, it has been stated that vitamin C exerts an influence on a series of physiological states, like the suppression of the nitrosamine formation in the intestine. Nitrite, occurring in food and water, may react with the amines to produce nitrosamines, whose carcinogenic characteristic has already been proved. Kiwis occupy an important place in a balanced and low in cholesterol diet. Thanks to their fibre content, the laxative effect of kiwis must also be mentioned.
Popular tradition
Kiwis help to heal wounds and take part in the normal activity of the immunological system, thanks to their high content of vitamin C. On the other hand, this vitamin is essential in the process of formation of the blood’s red corpuscles, in which the folic acid takes part; this vitamin is found in great amounts in this fruit.

Kiwis have a diuretic effect. They are recommended in case of constipation, since they have laxative properties. They are also suitable for people suffering from high blood pressure and kidney disorders, and also in case of cardiovascular pathologies, since they are very rich in potassium and very poor in sodium and fats. Kiwis play an important part in a balanced and low in cholesterol diet for their content of fibre.

However, they may cause diarrhoea. Therefore, they must not be eaten excessively; they are contraindicated to people with delicate stomach or predisposition to diarrhoea.
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