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Orange, Citrus sinensis / Rutaceae
Oranges are presented in multiple packages. In the supermarkets we usually find them in bags or nets up to 3 kg or in boxes up to 15 kg for the consumer to select them. Expanded polystyrene trays of 6 units are also usual.

A big range of packages are used to pack oranges. The units of sale that we usually find in supermarkets, shops, etc., are boxes, bags or nets up to 3 kg of capacity.

When they are not prepackaged, the shop usually receives the oranges in packages of 7 up to 20kg.

We also find oranges in the fruit counters in boxes of 2, 2,5, 3, 10 and 15 kg, with the fruit arranged in an aesthetical way, in different layers for the free selection by the consumer. Many of these oranges are wrapped in paper, showing the label of the brand in order to call the client’s attention.

In some supermarkets we frequently find packages of 60 and 180 kg, great boxes whose base is a pallet with 1.5 or 2 kg nets.

In many shopping centers, in order to save space in the consumer’s pantries, oranges are displayed in expanded polystyrene trays of 6 units, covered with plastic film.

There are also trays with a mixture of oranges, apples and bananas to make the purchase easier for the consumer, since these are the fruits we buy more.
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