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Blackberry, Rubus fruticosus / Rosaceae
There are multiple species and varieties of blackberry that grow mainly wild; this makes their differentiation very difficult. Among the most representative species there are the common blackberry, dewberry, the cloudberry and the so called loganberries.

Among the diverse species of blackberry that bear fruit, the common blackberry or Rubus ulmifolius is the most characteristic and it is the reference when speaking about this plant. The varieties are distinguished according to their time of fruition, taste of the fruit, etc. Among the early varieties we find " Merton Early", " Waldo’, and " Black Satin". The variety " Ashton Cross" is from half season, and the variety " Thornfree’ fructifies in the end.

The dewberry (Rubus caesius) bears smaller fruit that matures before the species mentioned above.

The cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus) is a species that grows in Canada, north of Great Britain, northern Europe and Arctic Russia. This plant bears small golden fruits used for processing puddings and jams.

The species Rubus loganobaccus bears fruits which are more acid than the common blackberry; they are known as Loganberries. They are widely known in the United States as tinned fruit.
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