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Litchee, Litchi chinensis / Sapindaceae
The different commercial varieties of litchee are classified according to several agronomic characteristics: the period of harvesting, the growth of the tree and the characteristics of the fruit. Among the most important are the following:

Bengal: it is an early variety, moderately vigorous tree that bears heart-shaped fruit, 20g of average weight. They are bright red and of good quality.

Brewster: it is a very early variety of a great and vigorous tree. The fruit is elliptical, 19g of weight and of a bright red colour. It is of an acceptable quality, although of acid taste.

Floridian: this variety is similar to the previous one, although the fruit is smaller.

Haak Yip: average vigour tree, wide but compact. Its fruit is of ovoid shape, average weight of 17g and dull red-coloured skin. It is of very good quality.

Kway May Pink: this variety bears round-shaped fruits, of pink colour, that weigh around 22g. The tree is of average vigour and erect habit.

No Mai Chee Late: it is a late variety developing a vigorous tree. The heart-shaped fruit has a variable colour, between yellow and bright red. It is of an excellent quality.

Salathiel: it is another late variety of small and compact trees. The egg-shaped fruits weigh between 15 and18g. They have thick skin, of a yellow to dark red colour. They have a very good taste.

Tai So: it is a very vigorous tree of opened crown and early production. The fruit is ovoid to heart-shaped, 24g of weigh. The skin is bright red, although it darkens when ripe. They have an acid-sweet taste.

Wai Chee: it is a very late variety with a compact plant of average vigour. The fruit is rounded and somewhat small (17g). It turns into a red and yellow colour when ripe. It has a sweet taste.
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