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Turnip, Brassica rapa / Cruciferae (Brassicaceae)
It is thought that turnip is native to Europe, where it is known since the prehistoric period, although it has also been stated that it comes from Central Asia.

The data of the last ten years show a tendency to the decrease of the surface cultivated and the increase of the output by surface unit.

In Spain the total surface intended for turnip culture is 802 ha from which a production of 13,972 tons is obtained. The production estimated in 1999 by communities was as follows:

Comunidad Valenciana1513,068
Castilla-La Mancha1051,880

Source: La Horticulture Española (2001)
SECH, Sociedad Española de Ciencias Hortícolas.

The main producers are Andalucía, Comunidad Valenciana and Castilla-León.

Turnips, like many other vegetables of small consumption, will not undergo a spectacular growth in the future. However, due to the demand of more varied diets, they may have a great role in the future.
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