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Lettuce, Lactuca sativa / Compositae
The most classic system of pre-packaging is the use of a stretchable plastic film that adheres to the lettuce giving a very clean aspect; another option is micro-perforated polypropylene. The bags made of this material can be also used; the lettuces are packaged much quickly with this system. A widely spread method is the use of Flow Pack with loose lettuces or in covered trays.

The units are placed in cardboard boxes of a unique height, although sometimes two or more levels are used.

Inside the boxes, the lettuces are arranged in vertical position, one next to the others. There will only be one level in the case of " Iceberg" and " Trocadero’ lettuces, whereas the " Roman’ type is arranged horizontally, filling up to three levels. Baby lettuces are sometimes packaged in boxes or plastic baskets containing 2 to 4 units, weighing around 500g.

In the last few years, other marketing systems like the ‘pre-cut’ lettuces have been created. The hearts are cut up, mixed and packaged together with other vegetables. This is carried out in controlled atmospheres, which helps to improve preservation.
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