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Parsnip, Pastinaca sativa / Umbelliferae (Apiaceae)
The chiefly cultivated varieties of parsnip for human consumption in England are: "Long white crown’, "Medium-large of Guernesey" and " Avonresister". They are described below.

- "Long white crown’: This variety may reach up to 40 cm long, sharp shape, wide white roots, with bruised head. Usually sweet, although it may be bitter sometimes.
- " Medium-large of Guernesey": White roots, 22 cm long, conical shape. Similar in taste to the variety " Long white crown’.
- "Avonresister": Relatively new variety in England, resistant to bad conditions of growth. Small roots.

In Spain, these three types of varieties are cultivated, along with the following: "Panais medio larga", ‘Panais redonda precoz", "All America’, "Larga blanca’, and hybrids like " Gladiator F1 ". In the last years, new productive varieties have been obtained, like "Sigma’, "Gamma’ and " Delta’.
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