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Mandarin, Citrus reticulata / Rutaceae
Benefits for the health
Like oranges, fresh mandarins are low in calories. They are also a good source of fibber, potassium and vitamin C. This vitamin influences in some of physiological states, particularly in the decrease of nitrosaminas, which have carcinogenic effects. The stomach cancer is less frequent in people whose diet is rich in vitamin C. Some state that the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C can protect against various types of cancer, intensifying at the same time the immunological functions. The mandarin also contains folate, a vitamin of the B complex that bears relation to health during pregnancy, although its concentration is not as high as in oranges.

Moreover, the mandarin (and other fruit related to it) are a primary source of betacryptoxanth in the diet. Betacryptoxanthin is a nonpro-vitamin A carotenoid with antioxidant properties. Those diets rich in carotenoids are related to a decrease in the risk of having cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Mandarins also contain the phytochemical D-limoene, coumarin, flavonoids and terpenes. They help to diminish the cancer risk.
Popular tradition
The mandarin is used to heal ulcers, the vesicle, it is good for fever, anorexia, cough and alcohol poisoning.

People with mouth sores or dry defecation must not eat mandarins.

The mandarin contains a substance called hesperidin that has bronchial-dilating and anti-inflammatory properties, it is used to heal ulcers and favours the correct functioning of the vesicle.
The volatile oil that mandarins have can stimulate the digestive apparatus, causing the expulsion of accumulated gases in the intestine and the stomach and favouring digestion.

The mandarin whets the appetite, dampens the lungs and eliminates cough. He is useful to treat fever, hipo, anorexia, cough with phlegms and alcohol poisoning.

From mandarins we can eat their pulp or juice or we can crush them with the rind applying the paste obtained.
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