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Grape, Vitis vinifera / Vitaceae
Postharvest Atmosphere Management
Table grapes must be stored at temperatures between -1 and 0ºC and 90-95% of moisture. There must be a suitable air circulation in the camera. Grapes are not sensitive to ethylene, although concentrations over 10ppm may cause the grains to separate from the peduncle.

The use of modified atmosphere is not recommended, since it is hardly beneficial.
Postharvest Problems
Among the different problems that grapes may undergo while stored there are some physiological alterations like watery grains or the berries fall from the peduncle. The most important disease in conservation is the one caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea.

Grains falling: the more mature the fruit is, the worse the problem. This alteration is less frequent in seedless varieties. It normally occurs during the harvesting and handling in the field, although it also takes place afterwards. This problem may be reduced by means of a correct handling and maintaining satisfactory conditions of moisture and temperature.

Watery grains: The first symptom of this alteration is the appearance of small dark spots in the peduncles of the grains. These spots spread all over the surface. Finally, the grains affected soften and they turn watery. During harvesting and packaging these grains can be removed, although it is very tough to do so.

Among the diseases affecting grapes during storage, the grey mould is the most important one. It is caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea, that may grow at very low temperatures, even at -0,5ºC; this disease spreads from one grain to the other. At the beginning they turn into a brown colour and afterwards they are covered by a grey down. The consequences of this infection may be diminished by means of removing the affected clusters and cooling them as soon as possible. Another system is the sulphur dioxide pulverisation.
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