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Witloof chicory, Cichorium intybus / Compositae
Pre-packaging is an optional process, although it represents the most extended way of presentation: trays covered with stretchable plastic film containing several units.

If there is no pre-packaging, during packaging the trays are placed in cardboard boxes or satin paper in horizontal position. Sometimes a plastic bag is placed inside the box, covering the hearts and protecting them from drying. The plastics that protect from the light provide the package with an optional protection from greening. At present, witloof chicories are also sold in flow-pack. This packaging system consists of the introduction of the chicories in transparent plastic trays covered with a plastic bag.

The most common capacity for packages is 5.8 and 10 kg, although the latter shows some problems, since the chicories placed in the inferior layers are squashed. The exports from France and Belgium are usually carried out in containers of 5 kg of capacity.
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