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Date, Phoenix dactylifera / Palmae
Until recent time dates were known only as dry fruit that was sold in the market in winter. But during the 60’s took place the first attempts to introduce fresh produce into the market. At present, both soft as dried dates are found in the markets all over the year. It is recommended to choose those with uniform coloration and external appearance and to verify that they are not excessively dry or fermented. They are marketed with or without stone.

The following table is an example of the dates of availability in the United Kingdom market, the origin and the weight of the packages.

OriginAvailability in the United Kingdom marketsWeight of the packages
ALGERIAOctober-March30 x 227 g
EGYPTAugust-November4 kg
IRANAugust-February24 x250 g
IRAQSeptember-December30 x250 g
ISRAELAll the year round5 kg
MEXICOSeptember-November30 x 227 g
MOROCCOOctober MarchVarious
THE UNITED STATESOctober-December30 x227 g
PAKISTANJuly-September4 kg

Source: Fresh Produce Desk Book (2001)
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