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Papaya, Carica papaya / Caricaceae
The papaya fruit is available in the markets all over the year, since it is cultivated in different countries and there is a wide range of varieties. Spain is mainly supplied by Brazil and Costa Rica, whereas France gets papayas from the Ivory Coast and Brazil, followed by Burundi, Mexico and Jamaica. The following table shows the leading countries exporting to the United Kingdom, the dates and the weight of the packages used.

Country of originAvailabilityWeight of the packages
BarbadosAll the year round4kg
BelizeOn trialVarious
BrazilAll the year round4/5kg
&bnsp; 8/12 units
Canary IslandsJanuary-March5kg
ChileAll the year roundVarious
ColombiaApril-June and October-JanuaryVarious
Costa RicaAll the year round4.5kg
  9/14 units
Ivory CoastAll the year round4kg
Dominican RepublicMayVarious
GambiaAll the year round5kg
GhanaAll the year round4kg
IsraelNovember-January and May-August5kg
JamaicaAll the year round4.5kg
KenyaAll the year round4kg
MalaysiaAll the year round5kg
MexicoOn trial4kg
South AfricaNovember-May4kg
  6/10 units
ThailandAll the year round12 units
UgandaOn trialVarious
  6/14 units

Source: Fresh Produce Desk Book (1998)
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