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Papaya, Carica papaya / Caricaceae
Multiple varieties of papaya have been obtained, since this plant is reproduced by seeds. Different types of varieties are distinguished, according to their agronomic characteristics.

Cuban: this type bears a globose or oblong fruit, 30-35cm long and 20-25cm wide. It may weigh up to 3-4kg, having a thick, firm pulp of intense orange colour and sweet taste.

Paraguanero: elongate and cylindrical fruit of orange pulp, 26cm long and 14 wide. The weight varies between 2.5 and 3.5kg.

Cartagena: cylindrical fruit, 40cm long and 12-20cm wide, between 3.5 and 5kg. The skin is of a pale green colour and the pulp is pale orange, with a sweet taste.

Red: this type bears globose fruits, 20-25cm long and 12-19cm wide. The weight ranges from 1.2 to 2kg. The red sweet pulp, with few seeds.

Hawaiian: spherical and small fruit, 200 to 250g of weight. Pale orange pulp, not very sweet.

Some commercial varieties of papaya are "Solo’, "Bluestem", "Graham", "Betty", "Fairchild", "Rissimee’, "Puna’ and "Hortusgred".

Another species of papaya is known as mountain papaw or wild papaya (Carica goudotiana), 10cm long and used for processing syrup.
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