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Avocado, Persea americana / Lauraceae
The number of varieties cultivated are around 400, among which there are some with the size of a plum and others weighing up to 2 kg. The varieties for export have usually a weight that oscillates between 150 and 400 g. The most common varieties of avocado are the ones described below:

"Pinkerton": Rough skin and good taste. At present, Israel is the only exporter, during February and March.

"Negra de la cruz": It is a rare member of the family of avocados, because it has a smooth skin of coal black or purple colour. It is of medium size and it comes from Chile, where it is harvested from mid March until the end of September. It is marketed overseas.

"Fuerte’: It is one of the most cultivated varieties. It is a pear-shaped fruit that weighs 250 g. Rough skin, but relatively thin; it stands out for its exquisite taste. In Europe it is sold all the year round, coming from Israel, South Africa, Kenya and Spain.

"Nabal": Almost round variety, with a pale green and even skin. It is distinguished by its shape. The skin is leathery and woody, lengthening its preservation. It has the lowest fat content of all avocados (between 6 and 8%). It comes chiefly from Israel.

"Ettinger": Oval shape, weight around 300 g. Bright and smooth skin. It is usually harvested when its content of fat reaches 9%. Its flavour has conquered the French taste, where it is highly appreciated.

"Wurt": It comes from Israel. Pear-shaped fruit. It is harvested from March until June.

"Hass": Hazelnut taste. Yellow pulp, small size, rough and dark skin.

"El Edranol": It comes from South Africa from June until October. Very good taste.

"Ryan": Rough skin, sometimes coming from South Africa (September until December).

"Bacon": It is the earliest variety. It is cultivated in Spain, 198-340 grams; ovoid; dark green, thin, smooth skin; good taste and pale green-yellow pulp.

"Reed": Late variety from Guatemala; highly productive. Round or oval fruit, thick green skin and characteristic taste. Its weight (from 200 to 350 g) fulfils the expectations of the European market. Its cultivation has been recently introduced in Israel, in such a way that from April until September it covers the summer supply.

"Dwarf Avocados’: They lack the seed and they are chiefly marketed in France.
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