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Blueberry, Vaccinium myrtllus / Ericaceae
There exist different varieties of black blueberry that are distinguished by their period of maturation:

Bluetta is a very early variety that produces great harvests although of moderate taste.

Earliblue is a variety of early maturation as well, bearing large fruits of pale blue colour.

Blue Crop matures at the beginning or in the middle of the season, with a large yield of tasteful fruits.

Berkeley and Ivanhoe are varieties of middle season, whereas Colville is a late variety of great yield.

Apart from the common blueberry (black) there are other species belonging to the sort Vaccinium that produce similar fruits. In general, they are not consumed raw; they are used to make cakes, jams, drinks or sauce. Among these fruits we find:

Blue bilberry: it bears bluish-black coloured fruit of greater size than the common blueberry.

American blueberry: of a bluish-black colour, between 6.5 and 12.5mm of diameter.

Bitter blueberry is a bright red coloured fruit of 8mm of diameter and very bitter taste.

Large American cranberry bears large fruits up to 18mm of diameter.

Finally, the cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) bears fruits of 8,5mm of diameter and intense red colour. The taste is similar to the common blueberry.
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