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Broccoli, Brassica oleracea var. italica / Brassicaceae
The broccoli is available in the markets at any time, due to the multiple commercial varieties that exist. Since it does not have a very good conservation, it is easy to find it frozen, reason why it is also consumed in countries where the climate does not allow them to be produced all year round.

The broccoli is available all the year round, since the wide catalogue of varieties allows its production all throughout the year. Moreover, in countries where this is not possible, we can buy frozen.

As an example of the availability of broccoli, we have chosen the United Kingdom market. In the following table it is shown the origin of this country’s imports and the period, as well as the weight of the most common packages.
OriginAvailability in the markets of the United KingdomWeight of the package
The NetherlandsMay-DecemberSeveral
SpainMid November-June6kg
United KingdomEnd of May-end of November5/7kg
The United StatesAccording to the market demandSeveral

Source: Fresh Produce Desk Book, 2000
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