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Cucumber, Cucumis sativus / Cucurbitaceae
Cucumber is a summer vegetable, found in most of the European markets all the year round, thanks to the greenhouse production of cucumbers.

Cucumbers can be bought in the markets all over the year, since there are countries that produce cucumbers at any time of the year. In the south of Spain, more specifically in Almería, cucumbers are cultivated during the European winter, supplying the European markets until the local production and from other areas begin. Taking as an example the figures from the British market, we can observe the countries supplying the market in a given period, as well as the weight of the packages sold.

 Months of availability in the United KingdomWeight of the packages
AustraliaAccording to the market demandsVarious
BelgiumMarch-NovemberUnits of 10/12/18
Canary IslandsNovember-March5kg and units of 8/10/12/14/16
CyprusAll the year round3kg
Dominican RepublicAccording to the market demandsVarious
GreeceAccording to the market demands5/14kg
Republic of IrelandFebruary-NovemberUnits of 12/14
MexicoAccording to the market demandsVarious
The NetherlandsFebruary-NovemberUnits of 12/14/18
SpainOctober-March5kg and units of 8/10/12/14
United KingdomMid February-OctoberUnits of 10/12/14

Source: Fresh Produce Deskbook, 2000
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