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Cucumber, Cucumis sativus / Cucurbitaceae
Cucumber has a great diversity of varieties. The size, section shape, colour of the skin, its more or less bitter taste, are some of the characteristics that differentiate one from the other.

There are many varieties of cucumber, each one of them with different characteristics. They vary in shape, size, colour of the skin or the presence of a greater or smaller amount of thorns. However, we can classify all the varieties in two large groups: cucumbers and gherkins.

Cucumbers are usually consumed fresh and are the varieties with relatively large fruits. At the same time, cucumbers can also be classified in several types: oval type, medium large cylindrical and large cylindrical.

Cucumbers of the oval type have an oval section, the most well-known varieties are De Russia , Grueso de Bonneuil and Reticulado de Russia

Medium large cylindrical type: The most outstanding varieties are: Ashley , Beth Alpha, Champión, Cubit, Generoso, Marketer, Marketmore, Negrito, Palomar, Poinsett, Polaris , Verde Calhorra, and the hybrid varieties Beautiful, Belcanto, Beth Alpha Ginoco, Bingo, Breso, Challenger, Cherokee 7, Cypress, Dasher, Gemini 7, High Mark II, Matro, Meridian, Quick set, Record, Saticoy, Slice Master, Triunfo, Victoria .

Large cylindrical type: The outstanding varieties are Blanco largo de Paris, Duque de Bedford, Largo de China, Telégrafo de Rosillon, Verde Largo Inglés and the hybrid varieties Afi, Athene, Corona, Sandra, Pandex, Pepinex 69 , Todo Ginoico, Vercor, Rocket.

Gherkins are normally used for pickling and are small green fruits. The most outstanding varieties, in respect to gherkins, are Fino de Meaux, Mejorado de Bourbonne, Pequeño Verde de Paris, Verde de Massy, Verde Grueso, Vorgebirge, Winsconsin, along with the hybrid varieties Epros Mix, Fanto, Hyclos Mix, Levo, Parafin Mix, Parigyno, Pioneer, Uwy, Vorifin, Wisco, Witlo.

Description of some varieties:

The fruits are dark green at the period of harvesting and yellow in maturation. The extremities are identical, they are wrinkled, with longitudinal stripes and few thorns. They are rounded or slightly tapering, 18-20cm long. This variety is free of bitter taste.

Yellow in maturation and green in the marketing stage. Their thorns do not sting, they are white and scarce. This variety has a cylindrical shape, with longitudinal edges, circular cross-section and narrowing in the neck. It is quite long, between 26-30cm.

De Russia
Variety with short fruits of oval shape, smooth skin, a size somewhat greater than a hen’s egg, yellow and quite interesting for their precocity.

Pepinex 69
Variety of the cylindrical type, round section, barely prickled, smooth surface, free from bitter taste and of a dark green colour. Its length ranges from 33 to 37cm.

Pequeño verde de Paris
Intended for pickling. Green-coloured in the marketing stage and yellow when ripe. It has thorns of black colour and longitudinal rough stripes. It has a triangular section and its maximum length is 9-12cm.

This variety is also intended for pickling, like " Pequeño verde de Paris". Its colour ranges from pale green to yellow according to the maturity stage. It has black thorns too, longitudinal stripes and wrinkled skin, a triangular section and 10-11cm of length.

Slice Master
In the market it has a dark green colour but in maturation it acquires a yellowish tonality. It has few thorns and it is white. The roughness and the edges, all along the cucumber, are less marked than in other varieties. It has a triangular section and it is free of bitterness, the length oscillates between 16-18cm.

Verde Calahorra
Variety with very cylindrical fruits, rounded in the tips. It is almost free of thorns, pale green color when harvested, remaining smooth and white in maturation. Its length varies between 12-20cm, with a thick diameter.

Verde Largo Inglés
Its chief characteristics is that it is an extremely prickly cucumber. It has a cylindrical shape tapering to the neck. The length of this variety in green is 26-28cm.

It is harvested green, but it is yellow when ripe. It has very few white thorns, it is slightly wrinkled, it has a triangular section, and it is free of bitter taste. Its length ranges from 18 to 20cm.
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