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Corn, Sweet corn, Zea mays / Gramineae
Benefits for the health
The maize is a good source of vitamin C and has a low content of sodium. It does not contain saturated fats nor cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of contracting heart diseases and preventing the problems of high blood pressure.

The populations that depend on maize as basic food may have deficiencies of nicotinic acid (pellagra) unless the grain is treated with alkali, a common process to separate the hard pericarp, releasing the niacin. Nicotinic acid plays an important role in the energy metabolism and the nervous system.

The biological value in maize protein is lower than in other cereals, although the grain contains a small amount of carotene and zeaxanthin: a source of pro-vitamin A and antioxidant.
Popular tradition
Thanks to its high contents in vitamins and minerals, maize is beneficial for health. It fortifies the nerves, having a revitalising effect, improving the cerebral achievement and the capacity of concentration, supplying nutrients to maintain a healthy skin and strong hair. It increases the resistance in situations of stress, improving the mood, it rejuvenates, it stimulates the cellular growth and increases the cells respiration, it intensifies the haematopoiesis (formation of the blood’s red corpuscles, taking place in the red marrow of the bones), it fortifies the muscles and the heart and regenerates the connective tissues, it reinforces the immune system, it helps in case of libido diminution and impotence.
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