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Celeriac, Apium graveolens var. rapaceum / Umbelliferae
Celeriac is barely cultivated in Spain. It originated as a result of the selection of a wild celery, native to the Mediterranean region.

The European production amounts for 250,000 tons and the main countries producing celeriac are France, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

In Spain, its culture is scarce and there are no production reviews in the Yearbooks of the Ministry of Agriculture. However, there are some data referring to export. In 1985, 792 tons were exported, 30,371,000 Ptas.

In Spain there are no important plantations at commercial level, although it is possible to produce celeriac. This is due, most probably, to the scarce demand or to the importance of the celery culture. Although there are some small plantations in Logroño, Cataluña and Baleares, the production is basically intended for preserves; the fresh produce sold in the markets comes from small imports from Belgium and France.

The yields obtained range from 35 to 60 tons by hectare.
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