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Courgette, Cucurbita pepo / Cucurbitaceae
Plastic trays are used for pre-packaging, covered with plastic flow pack or stretchable plastic film. Net bags are also used, although they do not protect from drying up and they may damage the fruit with the rubbing of the surface.

Packaging in bulk is made in mesh sacks or in wood or cardboard trays where the courgettes are arranged horizontally and wrapped in paper. A sheet of paper separates the different layers.

The most commonly used packages are wood or cardboard trays, with a capacity for 5 or 6 net kg, containing a variable number of units according to the size of the produce.

The standardized packages used for courgettes have the following characteristics:

Base measures (mm)Capacity (kg)

Source: Post-recolección de hortalizas. Vol.III (1999)
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