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Courgette, Cucurbita pepo / Cucurbitaceae
The traditional varieties have been replaced by modern varieties and hybrids that are better adapted to greenhouse culture and give a greater production.

According to Turchi the chief courgette varieties are the following:
"Negro Belleza’: Compact, open and dense habit. Capacity to produce up to 30 courgettes of a dark green colour.

"Verde Mata Compact’: Compact plant with scarce foliage. Green fruit with greyish tones.

"Blanquete F1 ": Compact plant of average habit. Pale green, almost white fruit.

"Diamant F1 ": Compact, erect and opened plant. Green fruit with pale green mottles.

"Prolific F1 ": Vigorous, compact and opened plant. Bright dark green fruit.

Another author, Maroto, classifies courgettes cultivars of a more or less cylindrical shape according to the colour of the rind:

Fruit of green rind: "Largo Verde de mata compacta, "Tarmino’ *, "Diamante’ *, "Princesa Negra’ *, "Black Beauty", "Black Jack" *, "Vert des Zenattas", "Zucchini Aristocratas" *, "Hyzni’, "Cheffini’ *, "Senator" *, "Elite’ *, "Tala’ *, "Majestic", "Servane’ *, "Maya’ *, "Algina’ *, "Calista’ *, "Dusk" *, "Pueblo’ *, "Presidente’ *, "Surco’ *, "Napolini’, "Belor" *, "Giada’ *, "Elira’ * "Samara’ *, "Tamino’ *, "Corsair" *, "Consul", ‘Prolific’ *, ‘Dinamic’*.

White fruit: "Blanco Precoz Medular", "Medio Largo Blanco aristado’, "Neu’, "Jedida’ *, "Opal" *.

Yellow fruit: "Dixie’ (somewhat twisted), "Seneca’, "Lemondrop", "Sudance’ * (somewhat twisted), "Goldbar" *, "Gold Slice’ *.

Among the squashed or "patisson" courgettes stand out:
"Scalopini’ *, "Benning"s Green Tint Scallop" (of yellowish colour when ripe), " White bush scallop" (of a whitish colour when ripe), " Hybrid Patty Green Tint" * (of a whitish colour when ripe).

(*) A great number of modern cultivars have been obtained by hybridisation.
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