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Endive, Cichorium endivia / Compositae
The different varieties of endive are classified in two types according to the shape of their leaves. On the one hand, the endive of curly leaves, extremely divided and sawed; on the other hand, the endive of straight, wide leaves. Within each type there are some commercial varieties adapted to different periods of the year.

There exist two varietal types of endive, classified according to the shape of their leaves.

Cichorium endivia var. crispa: the word chicory refers to the heart developed under dark conditions (forced), the species of the same genus, Cichorium intybus var. sativus, also called ´Brussels chicory´ or ´witloof´. This type of endive is also known as endive of curly leaves, since the leaves are divided in narrow and twisted segments with extremely sawed edges. There are also some varieties adapted to different seasons. Among the autumn-winter varieties stand out "Cabello de Ángel", "Rizada del Prat" and "Despa’. Among the spring-summer varieties we find "Rizada doble de verano, "Pavía’ and "Fina de verano raza Anjou’.

Cichorium endivia var. latifolia: the smooth leaf endive shows considerably wide, wavy leaves which are less sawed than the previous ones. Among the winter varieties stand out "Corneta de Anjou’, "Agora’ and "Full heart". The content of vitamin A and C is superior than that of the previous type.
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