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Endive, Cichorium endivia / Compositae
Benefits for the health
The endive is a good source of folate. Folate is important for the natural development of cells. It has also been stated that a higher consumption of folate is beneficial for a healthy pregnancy, and at the same it protects from cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Endives contain a kind of compound known as flavonoid, which contribute to protect against cancer, thrombosis or arteriosclerosis. Endives contain a small amount of vitamin C, although they supply potassium and a series of vitamins belonging to the group B, along with antioxidant substances like betacarotene and kaempferol,. Endives are also appreciated for their stimulating effect in the digestive functions.
Popular tradition
The endive is beneficial for the stomach, being a refreshing, laxative and depurative vegetable. The leaves of this plant contain a bitter compound, intivin, that stimulates the appetite, favouring digestion and increasing the activity of the gall bladder.
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