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Gooseberry, Ribes grossularia / Saxifragaceae (Grossulariaceae)
Gooseberries are found in the market between summer and autumn.

Currants are summer fruits of short season. They must be intact and must have an intense colour when purchasing them. Currants are also sold frozen all the year round.

The following table is an example of the dates of availability in the United Kingdom market, along with the origin and the weight of the packages (most of them show the number of units for the consumer and the weight of each transport package).

OriginAvailability in the United Kingdom marketsWeight of the packages
CHILEDecember-January12 x 125g
BELGIUMJune-August8 x 125g
  8 x 250g
  8 x 500g
NEW ZEALANDMay-April16 x 200g
  12 x 200g
  8 x 125g
  8 x 200g
  8 x 500g
POLANDAccording to the market demandVarious
PORTUGALApril-June8 x 125g
UNITED KINGDOMJune-August16 x 227g

Source: Fresh Produce Desk Book (2001)
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