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Gooseberry, Ribes grossularia / Saxifragaceae (Grossulariaceae)
The five most important varieties of gooseberry are:

- "Achilles": Large, oval plant of small, reddish fruits, slightly hairy. It is very good variety for consumption and it is found in the United Kingdom after the second week of July.
- "Fredonia’: Extremely large variety, late cultivation. Dark-red berry that grows in the United States, although native to England. It is available in July-August.
- "Poorman": Possibly the best variety in America. Extremely large, of red colour. It has an excellent taste and texture. It is sold in July.
- "Whinham"s Industry": It is native to England. The shape of the fruit is rather elongate. When ripe, the fruit turns into a purple-reddish colour, with short hair. The smell and taste are excellent. It is available at the beginning of July in the United Kingdom.
- "Whitesmith": Also called " English White’. When it is fully-ripe, the fruit has different green and yellow colours. Scarce hair, gentle smell and exceptional fragrance. It is one of the best varieties for fresh consumption, although it is also intended for processing. They are found in the United Kingdom market from the end of June and beginning of July.
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