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Groundnut, Arachis hypogaea / Leguminosae
Benefits for the health
Groundnuts are rich in fats, although in unsaturated form. They are also good sources of proteins and carbohydrates. Allergy to groundnuts in certain people has attracted special attention, since, although the number of affected people is reduced, the consequences can be fatal, specially for children.

The amount of groundnuts needed to cause adverse reactions is still not fixed, although very little amount may be enough. The effects can be fast, sometimes taking place at the very first moment the groundnut touches the mouth. There is not a given allergenic substance, therefore, different people are allergic to different groundnut components. Many incidents take place when consuming products cooked at home or in restaurants where ingredients are not well indicated in the label. The people affected by this problem should be careful when selecting their foodstuffs. Nevertheless, for the great nonallergic majority, this fruit is consumed as part of a healthy diet.

In an important research project, they discovered that people who consumed at least 150 g of groundnuts per week suffered 1/3 less heart attacks than those who rarely or never consumed them.
Popular tradition
The groundnut contributes with essential fatty acids, needed for the constitution of cellular membranes and, in particular, of the nervous cells. These fatty acids are unsaturated and help to reduce cholesterol levels in blood. They are beneficial for cardiovascular diseases. Its oil is very useful for the kidney’s functioning. For their calories contents, groundnuts are very energetic and are recommended for fatigue and asthenia. For this same reason, they are contra-indicated in cases of obesity.

Vitamin B3 content is also important, it reduces cholesterol levels and takes part in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Its vitamin E contribution is also important, between 10.09 and 18,73mg/100g. This prevents hemolysis and protects the cellular membranes thanks to its antioxidant action.

These dry fruits are very rich in minerals, of which potassium and phosphorus stand out because they are necessary for the muscular and nervous activity. They are good for students, since they increase the mental concentration.

Traditionally, it is considered an anaphrodisiac food since it lowers the sexual tone.
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