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Strawberry, Fragaria vesca var. hortensis / Rosaceae
Benefits for the health
Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and fibre. A ration of 125 g provides with 160% of vitamin C, 20% of folic acid and 16% of the daily recommended fibre. Strawberries do not contain fat. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that helps to reduce the risk of cancer and at the same time intensifies the immunological system. Vitamin C also helps to protect the gums, skin and muscles and facilitates the iron absorption. Folate is important for healthy pregnancies and to protect against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Fibre protects from disorders in the alimentary canal, including intestine cancer. Potassium is good for the muscles and the nervous system. Strawberries contain phytochemicals, like flavonoids, that seem to help to diminish the risk of contracting cancer.
Popular tradition
The strawberry amines help to treat the blood diseases, like leukaemia, among others. The ellagic acid protects from the carcinogenic cells agents and prevents the development of malignant tumours.

Strawberries are recommended to dampen the lungs and to stimulate the corporal fluids. They favour the spleen and the stomach. They increase the energy and feed the blood. They cools decontaminate the blood. They are suitable to treat cough caused by the heating up of the lungs, pharynx inflammations, anorexia, pain when urinating, indisposition caused by alcohol poisoning, mouth sores and pyorrhoea.

Nevertheless, although strawberries good for the spleen and to treat asthenia, people suffering from weak spleen or stomach or soft faeces must not eat them, since they have a cold and juicy nature.
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