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Peach, Prunus persica / Rosaceae
In some countries peaches are treated after harvesting with water and waxes to improve the appearance and to avoid their deterioration during the market distribution.

Peaches are usually packaged in 4 and 6 kg baskets.

Peaches and nectarines must be carefully handled during and after the harvesting, since it is a highly perishable fruit.

This fruit is hand harvested, except in the U.S.A., where approximately 25% of the peaches used for the processing industry are mechanically harvested. In some countries, like the U.S.A., the fruit for the fresh market is transported to the central packing facilities, where it is put under fast cooling, washed with drinkable water, the down is removed, they are waxed and packaged. The down removal and wax and oil treatment improve the appearance of the fruit and reduce the losses by humidity during distribution.

Peaches are packaged in boxes or corrugated cardboard trays. The open packages (trays), in which the fruit can be easily removed, are the preferred ones. Flaps that are folded and inserted to form a cover are also used for packaging; they are removed when the fruit is displayed. The use of cell separators is very common.

In many countries they are distributed in 4 kg baskets (standard) or 6 kg (euro tray), although there is a wide range of capacities; we find 2,5, 3, 5, 8 kg baskets.
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