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Peach, Prunus persica / Rosaceae
The peach tree is small, with rosaceous flowers and sensible to low temperatures.

The peach tree production onset after its plantation is fast.

The peach is botanically described as belonging to the Rosaceae family, Prunus genus, Prunus persica species.

It is a relatively small tree, not very vigorous habit, with a branched and superficial root system. It is a caducifolious tree and its flowers have great pale pink petals. Their stigmas are protected by the flowers (greater resistance to spring frosts). There are also small bell-shaped flowers with dark pink petals which do not cover the stigmas and therefore are more sensible to frosts.

The peach tree is sensible to low temperatures. It suffers below -15ºC, and given its precocious flowering, it is very sensible to spring frosts, with serious damages at -3ºC. It is a species that needs much light and continuous irrigations to bear quality fruit.

The peach tree is multiplied through grafting. Different stocks are used to determine the peach tree requirements with respect to the ground, although it usually prefers fresh, deep grounds, not very limestone nor sandy.

The production onset is fast, taking 2 or 3 years to bear fruits. The average life of the tree is around 18 years.
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