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Passion fruit, Passiflora edulis / Passifloraceae
Postharvest Atmosphere Management
The passion fruit must be stored at temperatures between 7 and 10ºC if it is partially mature, and between 5 and 7ºC if it is completely ripe, in which case they are kept for one week at the most. The relative humidity must be 90-95%.

The rate of maturation may be faster if the fruit is subject to an environment with 100ppm of ethylene for 1-2 days. Once they mature, the application of ethylene is unnecessary since this fruit produces high ethylene concentrations.

The storage may improve if the fruit is wrapped in perforated plastic film, thus reducing the water loss.
Postharvest Problems
Some of the problems that these species may undergo during their storage are chilling injuries and the attack of the fungi Alternaria passiflorae, Phytophthora nicotianae and Septoria passiflorae.

Chilling injuries occur at temperatures below 5ºC and they cause internal and skin browning, breakage, maturation problems and loss of taste.

Some of the diseases that may occur during the storage period are the following:

Alternaria passiflorae: this fungus causes rounded brown spots in ripe fruit. The incidence of this disease increases in warm and wet periods.

Phytophthora nicotianae is a fungus that brings about wet areas in the fruit of a dark green colour.

Septoria passiflorae infects the fruit while it is still in the plant and prevents its maturation.
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