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Brussels sprouts, Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera / Cruciferae (Brassicaceae)
There are numerous varieties of Brussels sprouts. The traditional ones, which have been cultivated for centuries, are being replaced by more modern varieties, which bear more homogenous and grouped productions. This makes their harvesting easier. These new varieties are classified as early, mid season and late.

Among the traditional varieties stand out ‘Early Half Tall", ‘Bedford’ and "Noisette’.

Early Half Tall is a variety that forms a compact plant. The harvesting takes place in autumn, in France.

Bedford: this variety, produced by the farmers of Bedfordshire, is well-known for its great fruit.

The Noisette variety bears small sprouts. It is highly appreciated in France.

The new varieties are classified according to the duration of their culture cycle.

- Early varieties: in Spain, these varieties are harvested between September and November. They cover their cycle in 155 to 175 days. As an example of early variety we find ‘Peer Gynt", which bears medium size sprouts.

- Mid season varieties: they have an average earliness, and in Spain they cover their cycle in 175 to 200 days. They are harvested between November and December. This group includes varieties like ‘Welland’ and ‘Citadel".
Welland is a famous variety because it produces the greatest sprouts.
Citadel: it dark green, not very big sprouts.

- Late varieties: in Spain, they are harvested between December and March. They are the less early varieties, and take between 200 and 250 days to develop. Some late varieties are ‘Rampart", ‘Fortress’ and ‘Zid Fasolt".
Rampart is a late variety with high growth that bears big and good flavoured sprouts.
Fortress: this variety bearsdark green sprouts. The plant puts up well with cold weather.

Zid Fasolt: it is a late variety, quite more compact than ‘Rampart’ and ‘Fortress’ and with smaller sprouts.
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