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Fig, Ficus carica / Moraceae
Brebes and figs are very delicate fruits, reason why their handling during harvesting and commercialisation must be minimized as much as possible so that they arrive at the consumer in the best conditions. For that reason, sometimes the fruits are packaged in the field, directly on boxes with plastic cells. In this way, when they arrive at the warehouse they only have to be weigh and palletised.

Figs are put in plastic, wooden or cardboard boxes, in one or two layers, weighing 4-5kg or 10-12kg. To separate the fruit they use cardboard or plastic cells. These boxes will be arranged in the markets for the consumer to select them at the moment of purchase.

Another very common way to package figs in the shopping centres is in 8-10 units or 1kg trays, of expanded polystyrene covered with plastic film.
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