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Fig, Ficus carica / Moraceae
There are different varieties, but we can divide them by colour: white, red and black. The former are white-yellowish, the red ones have a bluish brown colour and the black ones vary from purple to black.

There is a great amount of varieties, although we can classify them according to different criteria.

Depending on their use, figs are divided in two groups, whether they are destined to consumption in fresh or dried.

Table figs are those destined to the consumption of fresh fruit. The skin is tender, with few seeds and it has a long ripening. Those figs destined to be dried have a harder and whole skin and usually ripen faster.

According to their colour, figs are classified in three groups: white, red and black.

The white varieties have a white, yellowish and even green colour. The most tasty ones are the golden yellow or greenish. Within this group we find the Kadota variety , the most important coming from Italy. Also known as ‘Dotato’, it is a yellow-greenish skin variety, with purple flesh. It may contain seeds or be seedless, depending on the type of pollination used. The seedless varieties measure 3 to 5 centimetres and the length of the fruits with seeds is 5 to 8 centimetres.

The red varieties are distinguished by their more or less clear bluish brown colour.

The black varieties include colours that range from dark red to totally black, emphasizing for their quality the purple black ones. To this group belong the varieties Brown Turkey, Celeste and Sari Lob.

The Brown Turkey variety grows mainly in Israel, Italy and California and is available from April to January. The fruits are pear shaped, measure 4 to 6 centimetres and their skin is dark red.

The Celestial variety comes from Mexico and California and is available from November to January. When the fruit ripens the skin changes into purple and the flesh maintains a pink colour.

Sari Lob is the main variety cultivated in France and Israel, although it is also important in the Mediterranean area. The fruit is purple-yellowish and tends to open when it matures.

Some fig varieties:

Brown Turkey
Pear shape, 4-6 cm long, dark reddish skin and purple flesh. It is a sweet juicy variety and it is usually tinned.

This fig is purple and its pink flesh is sweet.

It is a yellow-greenish fig with purple flesh. It can contain seeds or be seedless. The seedless fruits measure between 3-5 cm and those with seeds measure 5 to 8 cm.

Sari Lob
This fruit’s colour ranges from purple to yellow and tends to open when it matures. It has a sweet flavour and aroma.
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