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Mushroom, Agaricus bisporus / Agaricaceae
Benefits for the health
Mushrooms are low in calories and a good source of copper and vitamin B niacin (B3), pantothenate (B5), riboflavine (B2) and folate. They provide with 15% of the daily recommended consumption of niacin, approximately 50% of pantothenate and 20% of folate. Niacin is essential for the transformation of food rich in carbohydrates into energy. Pantothenate is necessary for the synthesis of lipids and the production of energy. The lack of folate may cause anaemia. The storage of folate in the body is important to prevent cardiovascular diseases and birth defects. Mushrooms contain phytochemicals, such as terpene, which has the power to diminish the incidence of cancer.
Popular tradition
Mushrooms are rich in water (88%) and provide with proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibre too. It is recommended in low caloric diets.

Mushrooms are beneficial for the intestine and the stomach, to eliminate phlegms and regulate the vital energy. It stops vomits and diarrhoea.

It is considered to be a good antidepressant and anti-carcinogenic. It is recommended for treating abdominal asthenia and inflammations, anorexia and cough with phlegms.
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