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Shallot, Allium ascalonicum / Liliaceae (Alliaceae)
Benefits for the health
The main component of shallots is water. It also supplies carbohydrates, whereas the proteins and lipids are in very low proportion, reason why they are low in calories.

Their vitamin content is also low, although it contributes with some important minerals for the correct functioning of the organism, such as phosphorus, fluorine and potassium. Phosphorus is essential for the brain and the memory, the formation of the dental enamel and the regulation of the muscular and nervous systems. Fluorine prevents dental decay and reduces the processes of bony loss in the organism. Potassium is diuretic and necessary for the transmission of the nervous impulse and the muscular activity.
Popular tradition
Shallots are considered to be mineralisers, appetizers and food stimulant. In Rome and Greece it was considered a strong aphrodisiac.

As medicinal plant it has few applications and it is used mainly in cooking since it has an aromatic taste that gives a fine flavouring to all dishes.
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